Saturday, November 26, 2005

And I was that close to buying a blowtorch
I just wanted to report that the great faucet replacement project is going badly.

I took the camera downstairs to “document” the event. I didn’t think I’d be down there for hours.

We spent about 6 hours (we did take some breaks and we ate some pizza) to try to disconnect the faucet from the water supply. We eventually got that done (about 4 hours) and I had to intervene and yank on some copper tubing to accomplish that task (Deeps is afraid of breaking stuff – me? Not so much). Then we yanked the utility sink off the wall and flipped it over to remove the flangey-thing from the bottom.

One came off without a problem.

The other one? Yeah – it’s day two and it’s still there. We got out all the wrenches, pliers, WD40 and even the drill. We pulled and turned and twisted and sprayed and soaked and said nice things. I think I wrenched my shoulder. Deeps’ hand has a big blister.

We know when we’ve been whipped. We went to the hardware store to buy a special wrench (I like to add to my collection) that the book suggested we use for plumbing. That’s when Deeps revealed he hadn’t actually measured the nut/bolt thingey and couldn’t tell me what size wrench we’d need.

I was fed up and I turned to him and said if he ever dragged me out to a hardware store on a cold morning again without measuring, I’d slit his throat and leave him for dead in the parking lot. Harsh? Yes. Necessary – absolutely.

Anyway, nothing has worked. I discussed using a propane torch – except that the tub is fiberglass and we thought that might be a bad idea. Plus the torch costs $40. How much does a new utility tub cost? $50.

I think you can guess what the solution is….

Sadly, all the creepy box stores are sold out of the tub we want – so we had to special-order one. It won’t be in until next week. (Sidebar – the threat about slitting his throat was harsh but in the end didn’t change his behavior. I had to get him to go back to the car and get the tape measure on three separate occasions to check to see if any of the tubs would fit in our small space. Who doesn’t learn after the first time? What about the second time?)

This is a long way to get to the morale of the story: don’t try to do on-the-fly plumbing without reading a book first, taking measurements second, and being prepared to spend 3x what you thought it would cost.


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