Sunday, November 13, 2005

Attack of the leaf monster
We have a tree.

It is in front of our house.

In our backyard we are tree free – however all of our adjacent neighbors have trees – big ones. And those trees have leaves. Big ones.

The time had come to rake the leaves.

I don’t know why we rake the leaves. I just know we do it. Seriously – why do we rake the leaves?

All the other houses on our street had dealt with their leaf issues a few weeks ago. The yards looked neat and tidy. Our house – my comparison – looked abandoned.

Deeps brought up the topic first. I didn’t expect him to break before I did – but I think being a homeowner has worn him down.

We discussed various options: raking vs. a blower. We don’t own a blower but really, any excuse to go to the hardware store at this point is welcomed.

In the end we opted to rake.

And rake. And rake. And rake some more. I had no idea one tree could have so many leaves. I think we had about eight yard bags worth.

Then we hit the backyard. Deeps raked with a vengeance. We made a dent but I pointed out that the large (at least 60 ft.) maple tree in our neighbor’s yard hangs mostly into our yard and it hasn’t finished shedding yet.

Deeps looked at our yard and then at our neighbor Fred’s. Despite an unfortunate incident with grubs a few months back, his lawn is back – lush and green. And totally free of leaves.

“How do they get lawns with no leaves? I don’t understand,” Deeps was muttering.

That’s when I raised the blower issue again. “You know, they have blowers that are also vacuums.”


“Oh yes. Technology is a marvelous thing.”

I suspect there might be more raking in our future. Or if I’m lucky – one of those swanky blower things.

But for now, I'll settle for a nap. Raking is hard on the back.


Blogger diane said...

Keep the grass cut low come Fall. Then any sort of wind is more likely to blow the leaves out of your yard. Heh.

7:51 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Raking leaves is way overrated. They're excellent compost. Would be my excuse.

As for blowers, I got me one a them super-duper shopvac numbers from Sears, and was surprised to find out that the part that makes all the noise can pop out and be a blower, too. I had no idea, although I later saw that it said that right there on the box. You're going to need a shopvac anyway - all homeowners do -- so you might as well get one with the blower thing. Would be my recommendation.

-- Mike

12:34 AM  
Blogger Cat J. said...

We had a similar issue in our yard, leaves galore. I raked about 10 bags and then put the bagger attachment on my mower. Why the hell I raked to begin with I'll never know, because that bagger acted like a vacuum. If you have that attachement to your mower, RAKE NO MORE! Happy leave disposal...

8:57 AM  

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