Tuesday, November 29, 2005

The most beautiful laundry tub in all the land
We have successfully installed the laundry tub.

It looks much better than the old one which was all weird and stained from paint and chemicals.

Plus the new one has a spray handle. And I installed that part – with plumber’s putty. It’s like Play-Doh with a purpose.

I also got to buy a hole saw which was fun. I didn’t make many of the pipe connections – but I am the chief drill wielder and hammer user in the family. I do my job well. I’m thinking of investing in a tool belt.

When I got home tonight Deeps excitedly motioned for me to come downstairs.

“Look at it, isn’t it beautiful?” he said.

He’s really very pleased with himself. And I am proud of him. I totally pretended not to notice the red ACE bucket under the sink where something is dripping.

Couldn’t ruin the moment for him.


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