Saturday, May 27, 2006

Leaves little to the imagination
K and I like to talk about our shared memories of our college years together – except we find that we don’t share memories so much as complete them. She’ll tell a story about something that I absolutely don’t remember and vice versa. As the story goes along, one of us has that flicker of memory and we can kind of recall the event.

I think this story might be something like that.

We worked together at a small Internet company the summer after we graduated from college. K worked at the front desk (the nerds were incredibly happy when I brought my hot friend in for a job interview) and I built Web pages.

Those people liked to have parties – the area was kind of isolated and there wasn’t much nightlife. I don’t think we went to very many – but I do recall going to a few. I figured I’d go for the free beer.

There was a new guy in the office and he had rented (purchased?) a swanky loft condo that used to be part of an old mill or something. It was very industrial.

We didn’t know tons about the guy but he had certain slickness about it. Despite the fact that he was nice to me, he was a bit off-putting. He had a girlfriend, he talked about her a lot and I believe he fancied himself an artist.

I came to the party when it was in full swing. People were everywhere and the space was throbbing with music and people – the evening was hot. I wandered around with a colleague and we ran into the host. He gave us a tour of his large, open apartment. It was nice – modern and sparse. Then he showed us his bedroom.

As I recall, it had a kind of round bed. This could be totally wrong – it seemed like the kind of room that should have a round bed. But the bed might have just been a regular queen-sized bed. Above the bed was a giant canvas. My colleague and I looked at it for a moment and like many people at art galleries we cocked our heads to the side. We were just trying to understand what we were seeing. Could it be?

Host: I painted that myself.
Me: Wow.
Colleague: That is really interesting.
Host: It took a lot of work.

The painting in question – it was a giant open flower and out of the center of the petals was a giant, erect penis. I think the canvas was at least four feet wide. Was it a self-portrait? Was it ironic? Were we staring at our co-workers genitals?

The party never really came together for me after that. I went out to get some air later in the evening and casually brought up the painting to some of my co-workers. Some hadn’t



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Some hadn't what?

-- Mike

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