Friday, April 27, 2007

Sunny mornings, hungry afternoons

Yesterday was a gorgeous spring day; not too hot and not too cold. I opted for a stroll to take a break and walked down Newbury St.

For those not familiar with Boston, Newbury Street is a pretty exclusive, high end shopping thoroughfare. It is where one might go to buy some very fancy pants.

I wandered a few blocks and passed several restaurants where diners were eating at sidewalk cafes. One cafe in particular was filled with extremely chic and bored-looking people. They picked at small plates and stared vacantly when not fidgeting with hand-held devices.

Two impossibly thin women were huddled close together, large dark sunglasses, beautiful scarves and clothes draped in the most pleasing manner. They spoke in hushed tones and shared a tiny salad.

I really hope they had an entree coming after the salad course. I love mixed greens as much as the next person, but four small pieces of lettuce does not a meal make.

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