Thursday, May 03, 2007

Household names

Every day Deeps and I have the same conversation. Well, besides the 'What's for dinner?' chat.

We talk about what we read on the Internet.

Over time we talk about the same people and sites. So I guess those people - and their sites - have become household names. For example, I was complaining about how boring Veronica Mars was on Tuesday. Then I invoke support. "Sepinwall agrees with me," I intone. Alan Sepinwall is a TV critic in Newark and he also has a really fantastic blog called What's Alan Watching?

Last week Deeps mentioned something that "my friend, Tim Goodman, said." Tim Goodman is the TV critic at the San Francisco Chronicle and he blogs at The Bastard Machine.

Then there's our local connection. I love Universal Hub - it is a fantastic source for all cool blog happenings in the greater Boston area. Deeps and I both read and talk about UH so frequently that UH inadvertently lead to a little argument.

See, Deeps refuses to allow me to post pictures of him to the blog. So last year there was a snowstorm and I blogged about it - including a picture of Deeps holding a shovel over his head in triumph. We'd shoveled the entire driveway and were feeling good about it. Deeps was completely obscured by his cold-weather gear.

I would have gotten away with it too if not for the Universal Hub. Instead I got a little phone call and a verbal cease and desist.

Who expects these things from her husband? I guess I do.

Someday I'll search out Adam, over at UH and buy him a drink. He's sparked a fight between me and Deeps, so he's practically family.

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