Friday, November 30, 2007

It's Baking Time

Tomorrow I'm waiting at home for a delivery - boring! So I thought this would be a good opportunity to get my baking on.

I really thought Deeps would step up over Thanksgiving to bake me some biscotti. Didn't happen. But with gentle coaxing from me - I think he's up for some hot oven action.

That sounds dirty.

Anyway, we're planning on doing some fun holiday baking to remind our neighbors that we are still around and to not hate us when we don't rake our leaves in a timely manner.

Plus it is easier to lure friends over with the promise of fresh baked goods. Actually, they call to invite themselves over to play with the Wii - but whatever. I still have friends.

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Thursday, November 29, 2007


Earlier this week I picked up a loaf of some kind of organic wheat bread from Trader Joe's. I've noticed something a little strange about it. It doesn't really toast.

Me: Do you think there is something wrong with the toaster? This bread doesn't really change color when you toast it.
Deeps: Does it toast? Is the texture different?
Me: A little.
Deeps: Interesting. When I made toast with the other bread it worked fine.
Me: I think it is the bread. It's too dense or something.
Deeps: Maybe it is untoastable because it is organic and good for you.
Me: That's probably wrong.
Deeps: Like Pop Tarts. They don't really toast. They just get hot.
Me: You're thinking is probably flawed.
Deeps: This could change everything.

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Wednesday, November 28, 2007

I'm kind of a big deal on the Internet

A few weeks ago, the much heralded and beloved, David Armano, was in town for business.

David and I worked together about ten years - as I had to remind him - back in Chicago. I think I last saw him when Deeps and I got married. As I am an old, married lady now - it's been a while.

Scott Monty organized a meet-up for those who wanted to get up close to the Great One. I just wanted to see my old drinking buddy.

Everyone chatted, we had a great time and sucked down some pumpkin beers. When the evening wound down, I walked down the street with David back to his hotel. Deeps and I had arranged for a pick me up nearby. Someone has to work late on secret projects. It doesn't always have to be me.

Anyway, we chatted on the sidewalk, marveling at the oddness of the the urban canyons around Kendall square. Somehow we ended up at the wrong hotel, which was confirmed when we spoke with the clerk at the front desk.

As we walked out of the building, a man paused briefly and said, "Hi David."

David smiled and said hello and we walked on.

I asked David who the guy was. He didn't know.

I suggested that perhaps the guy might be attending the same event he was. Or he was a stalker.

David thought it was strange that someone he didn't know, in a city where he doesn't live, might know him. I suggested that David hasn't looked at his Web site lately.

Then he stopped, and in a monumental moment he asked "Does that mean I'm a weblebrity?"

We were silent for a moment. And then we started to laugh.

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


I had a day yesterday.

I got soaked in a "light" rain.

Lunch was bad.

My big mouth might have gotten me into some trouble.

An older woman hip-checked me, twice, on the T to get a seat.

When you have a day like this, there's really only one thing to do: go to bed. I sacked out sometime around 8:15.

I expect today to better. Do you hear me, Today? BETTER!

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Sunday, November 25, 2007

BRP 58: She's boobtastic in every episode edition

This week Derek, Deeps and I talk about all the talents on display in Pushing Daisies, what the heck happened to Torchwood, and why Heroes is a frustrating show. Plus we offer up our suggestions on the Sweepiest Moment of the Week and Derek tells us about Moonlight.

Then I unveil the first selection in the Big Red Film Festival - starting with episode 60 on December 9: The Thin Man starring William Powell and Myrna Loy. It is possibly my favorite movie ever made. Feel free to watch the movie and send us your thoughts by Sunday, Dec. 9 at 10 AM (Eastern Time) and we'll include them in our discussion on the podcast!

Listen to this week's episode.

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Saturday, November 24, 2007


Poopus napping
Originally uploaded by nopity.
We didn't plan on buying anything yesterday - but we were going to do some window shopping. After a few years of owning the house, we thought it might be okay to upgrade the guest bed from the inflatable kind to a real bed.

The original plan was to head west to look at beds and to explore space saving solutions available. After taking a few measurements - after the great headboard debacle of 2006, we've made a point of measuring several times before we buy stuff - we determined that any ambitious bed plans had to be put on hold.

So that left one other errand - the office chair. Poopus' fourth favorite napping space is the black, mesh chair in our office. We've lint rolled it, we've vacuumed it, and it never really gets clean. And then tragedy struck.

A member of the family - one without a job - threw up on the chair. Clean up didn't get us the results we needed for future, happy sitting.

Window shopping became real shopping. But we have a new chair - some kind of vinyl for easier clean up - and the cat hates it.

I'm calling it a winner.

Thursday, November 22, 2007

Beware the Black Friday

We're about to head into a second round of turkey - leftover from earlier today - and I thought this would be a good time to start thinking about tomorrow. Will my pants still fit? Will Deeps and I be able to leave the house or will we need the jaws of life to squeeze out the door?

You know - the little things.

One thing we've talked a bit about is whether or not we need to do any holiday shopping. The general consensus was no - but I thought I'd share a little tip in light of a recent trip to a Buy More store.

We went to pick up a video game and a video game controller. The grand total was about $50. The cashier started to put the hard sell on me to purchase some special warranties to cover my products.

"These things break down all the time," he assured me. "If you pay an extra $5.99 for the controller and $10.99 for the game, we'll replace them if anything happens."

I politely declined; he yammered on about how poorly made the products are.

Deeps and I beat a hasty retreat back to our car, reminded why we like shopping online and wondering about the mixed messages that Buy More is sending us. What is the incentive to keep your stock clean, intact and functional?

Buy our junky stuff, then buy a little more.

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Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Throw off the chains to turkey tyranny

Since I went home for Lyssmas last week, Deeps and I are celebrating Thanksgiving in style. We have secured a small stuffed turkey breast, a pumpkin tart, and some delicious veggies.

We opted not to celebrate with friends so that we might be able to hang together at home, snuggled up, sipping cocoa and killing zombies.

The Wiimotes are packed with fresh batteries and we're ready to fight off monsters, zombies, and angry Luigis. Already today I've battled an angry centipede.

And we've made a rough itinerary of movies to see between now and Sunday. I don't want to make you all jealous, dear readers, but does this not sound like the greatest Thanksgiving weekend ever?

I mentioned the pie right?

Happy Thanksgiving! Check back for updates through the weekend and if you're up for a long drive to Grandma's house, try out the Big Red Podcast. Some of us say very smart things about popular culture - and others of us talk about hair.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Turkey Time!

Deeps and I are having a relaxed and quiet Thanksgiving at home. Just us, the cat, and the Wii. We hear there might be snow.

Normally I'd go for Thanksgiving in a box - but since it is just us, I figured I'd go smaller - less than a 30 pound bird. I think we can still feel full on less than 15 pounds of turkey. Each.

Deeps might bake this year. This is about the time of year when he gets intrigued by baking complicated stuff. I think it appeals to the scientist in him. His kitchen creations live somewhere between Good Eats and Mythbusters.

I can only hope whatever he comes up with is delicious. And doesn't explode.

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Monday, November 19, 2007

BRP 57: That was a really good sandwich edition

This week Deeps, Derek and I try to wrap our heads around Dexter, we explore Michael Scott's journey of self-discovery on The Office, we admire Chi McBride's wardrobe on Pushing Daisies, and we complain about Heroes. Then I introduce the world to Lyssmas and complain about kids.

Plus Derek offers up the sweepiest moment of the week and I share a bit about my experiences at HorrorHound Weekend with Night of the Living Podcast. And I review two movies!

Listen to this week's episode.

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Sunday, November 18, 2007

I'm baaaaahk

Back from a lovely visit to Indiana. Deeps and the cat kept the home fires burning while I celebrated Lyssmas in style. Crocs were given, $20 was handed out and a kid stuck her hand in my mouth. Overall, I'd say it was a good - if exhausting - trip.

I've been told I have filled the DVR to 97% capacity and I've got some stuff to watch. But we'll record tomorrow night and I'll be sure to share exciting stories of children, horror conventions and podcasters.

First, I have to clean the litter box.

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Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Fans for Fans

The strike has lasted a little over a week and there is no end in sight. Let's hope people get back to the negotiation table soon and get back to important stuff - like talking about my hair.

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Sunday, November 11, 2007

BRP 56: It's the End of the World as We Know It edition

This week Derek, Deeps and I try to get inside Dexter's head, we question the wisdom of Green week on NBC, we talk Sweeps, and then we try make sense of the Writers' Strike.

Plus we go over listener mail from Jens and Jon, my brush with Tim Goodman, and my dreams of fame.

If that's what you're into:
Ausiello's list of episodes left for your favorite shows
Support the Writers Guild of America petition
24 is off the schedule for January
United Hollywood (Writers' blog)
Explaining what the strike is all about with visuals!
Nikki Finke provides incredibly detailed and round-the-clock coverage in case you're interested.

Listen to this week's episode.

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Friday, November 09, 2007

Thank you Oliver Twist

It's starting to get a little chilly 'round these parts. That's pretty typical for New England this time of year.

Last night Deeps was sorting through some winter gear - gloves, hats, and scarves - when he noticed that his "favorite scarf" was a mess of holes and tears.

Deeps: It looks like something ate it.
Me: What? Are the others eaten?
Deeps: Just mine.

I pulled out the little storage baskets holding our stuff and noticed a couple of dead moths behind them. Eww.

Me: I guess a moth ate your scarf.
Deeps: We should have used mothballs.
Me: No.
Deeps: It would have saved my scarf.
Me: But we'd have smelled like mothballs. That is totally unacceptable. Besides, who has stuff eaten by moths anymore? Is this Dickensian England?
Deeps: I really liked that scarf.

I'm going to hear about this for a while. But there will be no mothballs. Cedar balls, lavender oil, whatever - no mothballs. The smell... Our marriage couldn't take it.

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Thursday, November 08, 2007

The Office Is Closed

You may recognize familiar faces from The Office on the picket line, explaining their reasons for shutting down production on their own show.

If you want to watch more videos from the picket lines, check out the WGA on YouTube. I know the irony of this is not lost on the writers.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2007

How to talk to famous people

Actually, this post is more about how you shouldn't talk to famous people.

Last week I had the unique opportunity to see Salman Rushdie give a talk about writing at the Boston Public Library. He spoke for about an hour and discussed political writing, religion, freedom of expression, and the role of the novel in the modern world.

I'm a big fan of Rushdie's work. I haven't read all of his novels, but I try to read one a year - they are so dense and fantastic that I really take my time with them. I luxuriate in them and take weeks to finish. The man is a genius – I don’t use that term lightly here - and I admire his work a great deal.

But back to the library….

The room was packed. I noted several students talking about having to read Rushdie for a class. I sat next to a very cute, elderly couple. She was working on sudoku and he was doing a crossword puzzle before the talk began.

On my other side a very well-dressed business man fidgeted with his expensive watch. I heard him mention to his friend, another well-appointed gentleman, that he had never read any of Rushdie's work. The friend confessed he hadn't either.

Someone nearby was wearing way too much cologne. I surreptitiously breathed through my mouth, sometimes digging my nose into my shoulder.

After Rushdie spoke, he offered to hang around for a few more minutes to answer some questions. Rushdie was fighting a cold and I thought it was rather generous to offer to spend more time talking when clearly wasn't that well.

He asked, rather simply, that we stick to questions and avoid making speeches. Clearly he's been to Q&A sessions at the Brattle Theater.

The first question was a brief one about religion. Rushdie offered a clear, cogent argument for his position while being charming and funny.

The next question was from a man who started by saying something along the lines of "I too have been the victim of persecution. A fatwa, if you will....." then the guy rambled for another minute about his own works, plugging a book and alluding to an appearance in several well-known magazines.

Everyone slumped into their seats as soon as they realized a rambler had gotten a hold of the microphone and it appeared little could be done to shut him up. Finally, the man next to me - fancy watch - decided he'd had enough and started to shout down the blowhard. A few other audience members rumbled their agreement.

Rushdie finally was able to break in and noted "I didn't hear a question, but I'll find one anyway..." and talked about freedom of speech and expression in the US and UK.

I suppose the irony was lost on fancy watch - trying to shut up someone at a talk that covered communication and the first amendment. But then again, fancy watch was well within his rights to express his views.

Boorishness is protected by the first amendment, but it doesn't mean we have to listen to it.

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Tuesday, November 06, 2007

You don't need to help

Deeps sent me this link, because he likes to help make the blog even better.

That's what he says anyway. I can't say that I really believe him.

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Sunday, November 04, 2007

BRP 55: The Nerd is Not on the Inside edition

This week Derek, Deeps and I analyze Halloween, think about what the Writers' Strike might mean for our televisions, and start to digest November Sweeps including finer things on The Office, tiny secrets on Pushing Daisies, trust issues on Chuck and Reaper, and the problem with anger on Dexter.

Plus I offer that we made very interesting observations about Heroes way back in episode 33. Listen to the first 15 minutes of that episode and I'll tell you all of our fears were totally founded.

Then Derek and I fight! I know!

A programming note, episode 57 will be delayed by a day and will go up on the evening of Monday, November 19.

Listen to this week's episode.

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Friday, November 02, 2007

Don't stop believin'

Did you miss episode 54 of the The Big Red Podcast? It was good, if I say so myself. We were on fire with our thoughtful, interesting and sometimes funny analysis of your favorite shows like Heroes, Dexter, and Chuck. Plus I threw in a book review. I bring it every week!

Download, listen, tell your friends.

Listen to this week's episode.

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Let's remember the pretty stuff

Public Garden, Fall 2007
Originally uploaded by nopity.
Looks like Noel is kind of moving our way. Doesn't look like a direct hit or anything dangerous, just a very rainy weekend.

That's too bad, the leaves are starting to turn here in Boston and some of the trees in our backyard show no sign of change. Nothing like a good storm to take the leaves off the trees. But that's the way of nature.

So let's remember the pretty stuff.

And wait for the wind to blow the leaves into your neighbor's yard.

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Thursday, November 01, 2007

The bird

Big Bird on a Perch
Originally uploaded by nopity.
This is the bird, Perry. He flew over my head a few times last week and I followed him across the Public Garden to the tree where he landed.

He's pretty big, I guess he's a he - I'm not a bird expert. Anyway, he flew low over my head and despite the crowd in the park walking home, nobody else took notice. I didn't get any great pictures, but you can at least see him.

Apparently he does a little early dinner flight around the Boston Public Garden just before 5 PM. Keep an eye out, he's extremely impressive.

Last night I walked home again, Perry flew over and circled a bit. The sun was setting and the sky was pinkish gold. He caught the right ray for a moment he was brilliantly illuminated before I lost him again.

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