Friday, January 18, 2008

For Nerd and Country

And so it begins. And so it shall be.

The MIT Mystery Hunt is here again and I am left a Nerd Widow. And, come to think of it, I'm a podcast widow too.

Here they stand, friends from college (which was a long time ago fellas), ready to sit inside a dank room on the MIT campus for a couple of days and solve puzzles. They look forward to it all year.

What do I do while all this puzzling is happening? I show up for a bit, sometimes I help out - but my brain isn't built for puzzles. I stare at something for a few minutes and become frustrated. I'm an intellectual blunt instrument, Deeps' brain is a precision tool.

Usually I hang out at home, catch up on E! and go to the movies. This year I'm planning a double or triple-feature of films to be determined. I call friends for dinner. I might get a pedicure. And I suppose I should clean the bathroom.

Whatever happens, you'll hear about it on the podcast. (Yes, even the bathroom cleaning parts - I have tips!) It's a glamorous life I lead - nerd or no nerd.

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Anonymous leighjen said...

Me, too! My husband came up from Philly for the Hunt. I tagged along since all my friends are up here, though most of them are hunting, too. Last year my best friend (also a hunt widow) and I went to Vegas. This year, I will be trying to catch up with people I haven't seen for a few months and going to some shows. I hope you have a good weekend. :-)

12:55 PM  
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